Managerial Level - Project Management

What is project management?

Project management is a critical process that involves the use of an organization’s tools, deliverables, skills and techniques to move specific tasks or events towards a solid path of success by meeting the stipulated goals and objectives.


Why project management is important in hotel management?

Project management is a very important component in the hotel industry due to the many projects involved in its running. The most common types of projects in a hotel setting include seminars, festivals, exhibitions, concerts and corporate functions. Other more complex projects may include the following: promotion of products, the establishment of new branches, or even the development of new menu ideas.

Through project management, all these projects can be planned, regulated and evaluated systematically. They can be done as per the specific objectives, stipulated timelines and well-defined budgets to ensure successful project completion.


How does project management help hotels?

The performance and efficiency of hotel organizations can be greatly enhanced by incorporating service-oriented operations with project management values. Such incorporation fosters regulated risk-taking as well as an innovative and proactive attitude when pursuing the company's targets. But how can all these be implemented efficiently and effectively? In this course, you are going to learn exactly that.

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