Hotel SEO Introductory Course

Welcome to our SEO Introductory Lesson. This course is targeted to Hotel Owners and those of Hotel Managerial level. Most hotels want to implement SEO but they do not have an idea of how it works and how to even start implementing them. In this course, we will talk about what is SEO, how you should start implementing them and also a simple SEO method that you can implement yourself in order to save some costs. From a SEO consultant point of view, the content in this course is very important for ANY hoteliers as not knowing this foundation can backfire your SEO effort and may affect your revenue. So before engaging anyone for SEO services, equip yourself with our SEO introductory course for Hotels.

Bonus Easy-to-follow SEO Tips
Easy-to-follow SEO Tip - 1 2:14 minutes
Easy-to-follow SEO Tip - 2 2:31 minutes


A full-time Web and SEO specialist with 5 years servicing hotel websites. Apart from web development, Matthew also manages a team of experts in Social Media Management, including advertising. 

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